People we work with

At The Joinery Store, we have a network of professionals that we work with. From designers to suppliers. Here is a short list of some of the people we work with.

Pedersen Design Logo
Britton Timbers Logo
Mathews Timber Logo
Hurfords Group Logos

Pedersen Design

Pedersen Design is a design service founded by Morten Pedersen. Morten is a danish architect with a passion for energy efficient homes and a certified passive house designer . Click here for Morten’s website.   

Britton Timbers

Britton Timbers are a supplier of sustainably sourced hard woods. They have been producing quality timber for over 110 years.  Click here for the Britton Timbers website.

Mathews Timber

Mathews Timber are another supplier of quality wood with a wide variety of available timber species.  Click here for the Mathews Timber website.

Hurford Group

The Hurford Group of Companies include Hurford Hardwood, Hurford Forests, Hurford Sawmilling and Hurford Wholesale. They have been involved in the native hardwood industry for over 70 years. Click here for the Hurfords website.

Woodstock Resources

Woodstock Resources are dedicated to preserving the worlds natural forests by recycling timber. They source antique timbers from Europe and South America. Click here for the Woodstock Resources website.


Viridian Glass

Viridian Glass have been supplying glass in Australia for over 160 years. They are the largest glass processor in Australia. Click here for the Viridian website.