Accoya Decking

Accoya Decking

Which timber is best for decking?

Timber is a popular choice for outdoor decking as it can provide a naturally aesthetic and comfortable surface. You may find yourself asking what is the best timber for outdoor decking. Well Accoya might be the answer you are looking for. Let’s take a look at some of the characteristics of Accoya Decking.


Accoya is a highly durable timber. It is a ‘class 1’ timber meaning that it expected to last over 40 years outdoors and it has an estimated 70 year minimum service life. It even comes with a 50-year above ground guarantee.

Accoya is suitable for all kinds of climates and is less prone to warping, cupping or bowing than common timbers such as  spotted gum and merbau. It is resistant to both rot and splintering.

Thermal Comfort

Another thing to consider when selected decking is the thermal or ‘heat’ gain. This will affect how hot the decking gets when exposed to ambient heat and sunlight. Accoya has a low thermal gain as compared to other decking products and so this can make it much more comfortable to step onto within burning bare feet.

Pest Resistance

Accoya is resistant to pests such as termites which may otherwise consume the timber, breaking down your decking. However it is still non-toxic not relying on toxic insecticides to achieve this property.


Accoya is suitable for coatings such as paints and stains. The stable nature of the wood can preserve the coating meaning a greater span of time achieved between coatings.

Final Words

Accoya is a versatile timber which offers a range of benefits. The unique properties of Accoya make it a great option for timber decking. If you would like a quote for Accoya Decking, please contact us.