Accoya Color Grey

Grey Accoya

One of Accoya’s sought-after characteristics is the way it silvers off to a rustic grey over time. This is a property that many people admire, though it’s not a controlled effect. The timber will grey under exposure to the sun and elements, but this will vary depending on factors outside of the owner’s control. To overcome this issue, Accoya have released a new product called ‘Accoya Color Grey’. This grey Accoya has a stylish appearance which suits both traditional and modern concepts.

Grey Right Through

Accoya Color Grey is dyed grey, right to the core. This means the timber can be sawn, machined and sanded whilst retaining it’s colour and their is no need to await the natural greying process. The colour is more consistent than if the greying occurred naturally and does not require coating. (End grains should be sealed) It also reduces the maintenance requirement of the timber as the colour is not a surface stain which may need to be reapplied.


This new product makes for beautiful grey timber decking which is durable, environmentally friendly and pest resistant. The timber is not prone to splintering and so it is suitable for bare feet.

Accoya Grey Decking


Color Grey is also great for cladding. A stable and stylish timber cladding option, Accoya Color Grey can add charm to your external wall surfaces. It is highly stable and requires minimal maintenance.

Windows & Doors

Like regular Accoya, Color Grey can be used to manufacture durable high-performance windows and doors. This allows for even grey colouration without the need of a stain or natural silvering process.

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