Accoya Wood

The Joinery Store recommends the use of Accoya Wood for external joinery.

Welcome to the future of wood, Accoya

Accoya is a wood that performs with the strength of a hardwood. It insulates better than a softwood. And finally, it comes from sustainable sources.

Accoya does not succumb to pests such as termites. As a result of it’s remarkable properties, they simply cannot digest it. This makes Accoya perfect for the Australian environment.

It’s properties make it suitable for a wide variety of applications. For example: Bridges, windows, cladding, decking and doors.

It represents a natural science

First of all, Accoya combines wood acetylation study with a proprietary production process to deliver reliable results. This process is built on over eight decades of study.

In producing Accoya, the chemical structure of the wood is modified from the surface to the core. As a result, it is a durable and exceptionally stable product. Hence it is fast becoming the material of choice for exterior applications. All in all, this wood withstands UV and weather damage better than many alternatives on the market.

What’s more is that it helps the environment. Because the treatment process contains no toxic chemicals, it does not result in harmful by-products. And it is recyclable.

Tried and tested

Accoya wood has been tested over prolonged periods in all types of weathering conditions. It passes tests above ground, below ground and even in water for 20 years. Truly, it withstands the toughest of external environments. Consequently it comes with a 50 year above ground guarantee and a 25 year below ground guarantee.

Accoya requires significantly less maintenance, because paints and stains stay where they belong: on the wood. In fact, test results between Accoya and unmodified wood prove that coatings last up to 3 times as long on Accoya® wood. Comprehensive use guides, certification documents, test reports and project examples can be found at

Accoya timber work
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