Timber Windows Vs Aluminium

So you’re looking to install new windows and you don’t know whether you want timber or aluminium frames. You ask your friends and colleagues only to receive varied opinions with no supporting reasons. Do not despair, in this article we are going to look at the advantages of timber windows over aluminium windows.

Energy Efficiency

First up is energy efficiency. Timber insulates by nature due to the small air pockets contained within it’s structure. On the other hand, aluminium is thermally conductive making it an inferior insulator to timber.
The importance of insulation comes back to the heating and cooling of your home. If your home is poorly insulated, more energy is consumed to heat or cool your home. But in a well-insulated home, a comfortable temperature is easier to maintain.

Environmental Impact

So we all realize that energy consumption has an environmental impact. But what about the manufacturing of your windows?
Timber windows made from sustainably farmed timbers come from renewable sources. The trees also filter carbon dioxide from the atmosphere whilst they grow. Aluminium on the other hand is sourced from non-renewable materials. Furthermore, aluminium production results in the release of fully fluorinated compounds. These compounds are worse green house gases then carbon dioxide.

Cost, Long-Term vs Short-Term

An important concern for anyone is the cost of a product. Up front, aluminium windows may often be less expensive. Running your heating and cooling for years in a poorly insulated house won’t be cheap however. For this reason, it is easy to conceive how timber windows can actually work out cheaper in the long run.


If you are concerned about the environment, energy efficiency and long-term costs, timber windows might be for you. If however, you are only concerned about the initial up front costs, aluminium windows may be the cheaper option.