Canberra Joinery


Canberra, the capital city of Australia. Known for it’s bushland, multiculturalism and it’s unique urban structure. Like any city, Canberra has it’s own conditions to consider when designing joinery for your home. Let’s dive into a few factors on the Canberran market and how they affect joinery in Canberra.

Bushfire Risks

We’ve all seen the news lately. Bushfires are wreaking havoc around the country. The ACT just like NSW, QLD & Victoria is on alert given the high fire danger. This is an ageless problem in Australia and so we all need to be vigilant.
One very important factor is determining the bushfire risk to your home and the BAL rating which applies. Each BAL (Bushfire Attack Level) has different requirements as to how joinery can be made. Higher rated areas require joinery manufactured from a few strict materials. Hardwoods such as black butt for example are suitable at higher BAL ratings than softwoods.


Canberra is known for it’s architecture. From the cities’ design by Walter Burley Griffin to it’s modern suburban house fronts. As so, Canberrans need flexible supply of joinery to suit each unique application.
From sleek modern joinery to traditional detailed joinery, each piece must complement the building. The finishes, colours and textures all play an important role in the overall aesthetic.

Ecological effect

Another concern for Canberrans is how they affect the ecosystem. One way Canberrans are minimizing their carbon footprint is by using ecologically friendly joinery. Certain joinery items can have a carbon neutral effect. This is where they save more carbon emission in their life time than was ever used to produce them. An example would be certain double-glazed windows which save drastically on heating and cooling of the home.


Canberra has a strong focus on culture, architecture and the environment. Canberrans are conscious of their actions. They understand how the decisions they make may affect the planet. They also pride themselves in their fine architecture and attention to detail. Consequently, their joinery reflects their personality. If you need help with your joinery in Canberra, contact us now for a quote.