Canberra & the ACT

Canberra & The Joinery Store

For years The Joinery Store has supplied Canberra and the ACT with high quality bespoke timber joinery. However, recently the demand has grown exponentially! For our team it couldn’t be better timing

We have recently extended our team at The Joinery Store and moved into a larger premises. With these changes we are able to grow our production line to meet customer demands. Canberra, now is the time!

Timber Windows

Our Storm Safe windows are well suited to the harsh Canberra climate. Professional testing has seen these windows perform under pressure, literally! These N6 rated windows have demonstrated low air and water infiltration and boast U ratings starting from 1.5!

We also manufacture other bespoke timber windows. These may be original concepts or to imitate traditional concepts. Also, they can be designed to withstand the climate and to meet BAL requirements

More Than Just Windows!

At last, we do not only make windows! And so our skilled team can construct doors, mouldings, cabinetry and more. Therefore, if you’ve an idea for a unique timber furnishing or joinery item, why not contact us?