Opportunities at The Joinery Store

The Joinery Store is a business in Young which services NSW and the ACT. We have an expanding team of professionals who work together to produce the finest joinery and cabinetry.

In order to meet ever growing demands, we will occasionally be seeking to recruit new members into our team.

Individuals who have attention to detail and a passion for their work tend to do well working in our team. Other qualities such as honesty, punctuality and industry experience are highly regarded.

We employ carpenters, cabinet makers and draftsmen. If you are interested in joining the team, please see below for our current vacancies and/or submit an expression of interest.

Typical Roles at The Joinery Store

Draftsmen – Responsible for the drafting of cabinetry and joinery. This involves the use of CAD & CAM programming as well as a functioning understanding of the construction process. Estimators, Designers and Production Technicians fall into this category.
Production Tradesmen – Responsible for the production and assembly of cabinetry and joinery projects. Cabinet Makers, Joiners and Carpenters fit into this category.
Painters – Responsible for the finishing of joinery via spray and/or hand-painting.
Installation Tradesmen – Responsible for the installation of products. This encompasses the same professions as the Production team.

Current Vacancies

We currently have no vacancies. Please check back another time.

Expressions of Interest

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