Coronavirus and our Industry

The recent outbreak of the Wuhan Coronavirus ‘COVID-19’ has be wreaking havoc around the world. Of course our industry has been no exception. In this article we will touch on how it is affecting the industry (Construction, joinery and furnishings) and what is being done about it.


Product Supply

Product Supply has taken a hit following the Coronavirus outbreak. This is especially true for products manufactured in Asian countries such as China. We have received contact from several suppliers regarding stock availability and delays as a result of Coronavirus. Some products are not stocked in Australia and will not be available again until Chinese factories may resume regular operation. So far this has not impacted us too severely with most of our hardware being European-made but there is no telling what is yet to come.


Product Pricing

Another result arising from the outbreak is an increase in product prices. Supply is limited and the AUD has decreased in value. Accordingly we have received notices from suppliers of prices increasing by up to 6%.



AWISA the popular tradeshow for the Australian Woodworking Industry was to be held in July 2020. AWISA normally results in a gathering of around 12,000 people. As announced by the Australian Government, Static Gatherings of more than 500 people are prohibited until further notice. AWISA had taken this advice prior to the announcement and advised us that the show was postponed. This has been particularly dissapointing with AWISA 2020 having been near sold-out. We are awaiting updates as to whether AWISA 2020 will be rescheduled for a later date.



Another popular Tradeshow, DesignBuild, was to take place in April 2020. This has been postponed and is currently to take place in October.


Combatting Coronavirus

At The Joinery Store, we have stressed the importance of hygiene for our staff. We encourage anyone displaying symptons of Coronavirus or any other contagious ailment to stay home. If you need to contact us and are ill, please click here or phone us on 02 6382 4681.

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*We will continue to update this article as new information becomes available.



Due to current regulations resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic, we ask that you do not attend our premises if possible. Please phone us on 02 6382 4681 or contact us. If you must see us in person, please cooperate with social distancing practices. Please do not come in if you have any symptoms consistent with Covid-19. Our production is currently running as per usual. Thank you for your cooperation.

For information on current restrictions, click here.


UPDATE – 13/05/2020

With some restrictions being lifted as of Friday 15/05/2020, life may seem to be returning somewhat to normal for many people. However we do ask that you only come in if you must and still practice social distancing as per Government recommendations.

UPDATE – 5/08/2020

With recent developments some of our suppliers are experiencing slower turnaround times however they are all still in full operation currently. Like the rest of us, they are experiencing high product demands. Currently we are still able to source products from Victoria and from overseas. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.