Timber Doors

We manufacturer a range of custom made, high performance timber doors. These include hinged doors, sliding and folding doors. We offer pre-finishing in a range of paints and stains, using Accoya wood. BAL rated timbers are available on request, in uncoated or oiled finishes only.

We offer both single and double glazing options including Lightbridge for enhanced energy efficiency. All of our glass comes from Viridian Glass Australia.

Our sils/thresholds are made from Merbau for high durability, and coated with UV Protection oil.

When it comes to selecting the most suitable door material for your home or office, multiple options are available in the market, including aluminum and UPVC. However, when it comes to durability, aesthetics, and thermal efficiency, none of them can beat timber doors. Here is a brief explanation of why timber doors are superior to their counterparts.

Firstly, timber doors provide a better aesthetic appeal and unique appearance than aluminum and UPVC, which can look quite generic. Timber doors offer a warm, natural, and soothing appeal, which easily complements any architectural design. Moreover, timber doors can easily be stained or painted according to personal preference, giving them flexibility while UPVC and aluminum doors are difficult to be decorated.

Secondly, timber doors win over aluminum and UPVC for durability. The timber often goes through specific treatments such as impregnation, seasoning, and anti-fungal treatment, to ensure that it resists damage from rot, termites, and other environmental factors. Thus, timber doors have a longer lifespan compared to aluminum and UPVC doors, which can get brittle or fade easily. This is especially apparent when using Accoya which has an estimated 70 year minimum service life.

Thirdly, timber doors are highly energy efficient. Timber is a natural insulator of heat; hence, it provides a better temperature regulation effect, thus making your home or office a comfortable living space. In contrast, UPVC and aluminum doors are thermal conductors and cannot regulate indoor temperature as effectively.

Lastly, timber doors are more environmentally sustainable compared to aluminum and UPVC doors. Making aluminum windows and doors requires excessive energy and contributes to higher greenhouse gas emissions. Accoya, in particular, is responsibly sourced from sustained plantations.

In conclusion, although aluminum and UPVC doors have their unique qualities, timber doors are by far the superior choice. Timber doors offer long-term durability, an attractive appearance, and excellent energy efficiency. If you want to add value to your home or workplace and enjoy all these benefits, a timber door is the best investment.


We manufacture both single hinged and ‘double’ or ‘french’ doors. We utilize neoprene seals to create a tight weather seal and improve energy efficiency. Our ball-bearing hinged ensure longevity and smooth function of the door, and our pre-finishing service means less work is required to fit the unit on site to fit them, and no painter is required to paint them.

We can offer both hinged fly screens and Brio 612 retractable fly screens, both pre-fitted.

We can manufacture doors leaves in full lite, partial lite, solid timber and with a range of moulding options.

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Sliding and Folding 

Our sliding and folding doors utilize Brio 286 dual-point locking systems to improve air tightness and security. Combined with neoprene seals and double glazing, this makes for great energy efficiency.

We use Brio sliding and folding systems including rollers, guides, tracks, channels and hinges. 

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