Fire Place Mantels

Custom MDF Mantel

Mantels for Fire Places

A Mantel surround for a fireplace is often an ornamental fixture, designed to add character to a home. Often the structure will consist of columns either side of a fire place with a mantel shelf over the fireplace. This type of fire place surround structure can draw attention to the fireplace, and dress it into the architectural style of the house. 

Rosewood Fire Place Mantels

Timber Fire Place Mantels

Fire Place Mantels can be made from timber, like the Rosewood used in the above Mantels. This creates a feeling of warmth in the home whilst inviting natural earthy tones.

Painted Fire Place Mantel

Painted Fire Place Mantels

Some Mantels may be constructed from paintable substrate such as MDF. These can then be painted to match the surrounding walls, or to stand out as a feature by using a different paint colour. In the above photo, the Mantel has been painted the same colour as the skirtings and architraves, in a bright white which pops out against the bone colour walls.

Where to buy a Custom Fireplace Mantel Surround

At the Joinery Store in Young NSW, we manufacture custom Fireplace Mantels to suit our customers needs. We can manufacture Primed MDF Mantels ready for painting as well as Natural Timber Mantels. If you would like a quote for a Mantel, please contact us.

For more inspiration for Fire place mantels, check out these images on Google.