Kitchen and Cabinetry Quotes


Enquiring about a quote

The typical ‘first step’ in organizing a Kitchen or Cabinetry Renovation is to source a quote, or multiple quotes. This involves contacting manufacturers and explaining your requirement for a quote. The manufacturer may conduct a site measure or you may be able to supply them with draft plans. You should plan ahead and allow sufficient time for obtaining quotes prior to the projected start date for the project. I would suggest, for an average kitchen, requesting quotes no less than 3 months in advance of when you hope to have the kitchen completed.

The Quoting Process

Once a site measure is taken or plans have been received by the manufacturer, they will then normally prepare their own drafts and begin pricing. The manufacturer may first present you with a design draft prior to providing a quote, to ensure that their quote will be in line with what you are expecting. Depending on how busy the manufacturer is, this may typically take 1 to 4 weeks.

Considering and Comparing Quotes

A quote will typically outline the materials and hardware included with approximate quantities and a description of the project. This may include a rough plan or 3D renders.

You should be careful to read and understand all information provided. If there is anything you are unsure of, be sure to ask the provider for an explanation. A quote that is vague may be a cause for concern and you should ask for more information, in writing. A Quote that is significantly cheaper compared to others, should also be suspect as it suggests there is a reason it is cheaper.

You should also look for the manufacturers ABN and Contractor License Number on the quote. As the consumer, it is up to you to make sure they are licensed to carry out the work before accepting the quote. For more information on this, visit:

Accepting a Quote

After you have decided to accept a quote, you should contact the company or tradesperson who provided the quote. This will often involve signing the quote and returning a copy to them. From here, they will be able to guide you through their process. If the job value exceeds $5,000.00 they will also require a contract to be signed before the project may commence.

Looking for a Kitchen Quote?

At the Joinery Store we offer Free Measures and Quotes for kitchens in a 1 Hr travel Radius of Young, NSW. We can also provide quotes from your plans. If you would like a quote, please contact us.