Kitchen Design

3D Kitchen Design

Our Skilled team can assist you with your Kitchen Design. From cabinet configuration to colour and finishes selection, we can guide you through the process. Our team of professionals are equipped with the skills and experience to ensure your design is both practical and attractive.

Using sophisticated CAD software we can then create realistic 3D renders of your kitchen design allowing you to view how the finished product would look. We can also do this for laundry cabinets, wardrobes, vanities and more! This includes rendering of colours, finishes, textures, door profiles, lighting and more!

After the initial design and quoting phase we then conduct a final site measure after which we produce detailed production plans. These plans are detailed 2-dimensional drawings with measurements, notes and specifications ready for the production of your kitchen or cabinetry.

After the production plans are finalized we prepare the machining programs and order all required hardware and materials. Our crafty production team then assemble your cabinetry with great care and precision.

Contact us now for assistance on your kitchen design whether it’s a Scandinavian Kitchen, Modern Kitchen, Traditional Kitchen, A wardrobe, Laundry or vanity, we can help!