Pre-Finish – Introduction to our pre-finishing service

At the Joinery Store, we offer a unique pre finishing service on our joinery. This is to ensure a top-quality product and ease of installation. Let’s discuss a couple of key points surrounding our pre finishing service and how it is beneficial.


We provide pre-finishing and full finishing of timber coatings using Teknos paint systems. This means we can provide joinery primed for you to paint or completely painted ready for install. Thus, the on-site labour is reduced, and we can oversee the quality of the finish before the product leaves our factory. We apply the coats through various methods using Teknos paint systems in our spray booth. Teknos recommends factory finishing for quality and longevity.

Hanging, Doors & Windows
We also hang our doors in our factory and test them. Therefore, we know that they function before they leave the factory. This also saves on-site time as the door frame can simply be installed into the opening and it’s ready to go. It also means any required adjustments can be made in house before the product arrives on site.


Aside from hanging hardware (hinges, etc) we can also fit any other fittings such as locks and handles in our factory. Once again, this allows us to oversee product quality and function. It also reduces on site labour time and potential for error.

Pre-Finish – Conclusion

Our pre-finish service can reduce on site labour time. It also allows us to oversee the quality of our product throughout. This is a unique service which we offer for convenience and quality control. We strongly believe that this can be a great benefit for all involved. For more information on our pre finishing service, please contact us.
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