Pre-Finished Doors & Windows

Green Ledged & Braced Door

What are Pre-finished Doors & Windows?

At The Joinery Store, we specialize in pre-finished Doors and windows. These include the operable components (Window sashes, door leaves etc) pre fitted in jambs/frames.

These units come coated (Painted or stained) and glazed, with hardware pre-fitted.

To achieve this, we manufacture the doors and windows and fit the hardware. We set the door or window up in a controlled environment, and test for functionality. We then disassemble the units and send the timber components into our spray booth to be coated. Once they are coated and dried, we can glaze any sections required then reassemble the units before subjecting them to a final quality control process.

How does this compare to other Timber Doors & Windows?

Most common doors and windows come uncoated, or primed ready for painting. They are then to be painted on site after they have been installed. Unlike our pre-finished units which do not need to be painted or stained on site.

Sometimes timber doors and windows will come pre-glazed, and other times they will need to be glazed on site after they have been installed, depending on what the manufacturer offers. We glaze our pre-finished units during manufacture, before they go to site.

Sometimes windows will come pre-fitted with hardware. Usually doors will come as loose-leaves without hardware, for the carpenter to fit into the jamb on site. Our pre-finished units are completely fitted within the frames/jambs, with necessary hardware. We can supply this hardware, or fit hardware supplied by our client

What are the benefits of Pre-Finishing?

Our Pre-finishing process provides a range of benefits, including:

Paint/Stain Coverage. As we spray the components in a controlled setting before reassembling and glazing the units, we can ensure all exposed timber is sealed as required. As these coatings are sprayed on, we can achieve a wet film thickness of around 170 microns per coat. For comparison, a brushed or rolled coat would typically be 30 – 50 microns thick. Our coating is even, seals the end grains of the timber and is environmentally friendly.

With our windows and doors pre-fitted and operational, there is much less work to be conducted on site. The carpenter simply needs to fit the finished unit into the opening and it should function optimally with minimal adjustments required.

Quality Control. As we are responsible for the majority of the work involved in finishing the unit, we can maintain a high degree of quality control. We ensure our units operate correctly before they leave the workshop. We also use superior timbers and coating systems such as Accoya Wood with Teknos Paints and Stains.

Disadvantages of units that aren’t Pre-Finished

*More work required on site for carpenters, to assemble, install unit and make it functional.

*Painter Required to coat timber on site. This can result in uneven coverage, sashes and door leaves sticking to each other and unwanted mess.

*If the unit is painted after it has been glazed, painting inside the rebates and back of glazing beads is not possible

*Lesser Quality Control

*Possible need for Glazier to glaze onsite

*Inferior products likely to be used, such as the timber and paint

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