Introduction to Smart Homes

It’s 2019 and technology has drastically affected the way we lead our day to day lives. From our vehicles and gadgets to supermarkets and even our homes. Some technologies are focused on convenience. Others are for leisure and some are to assist the disabled. In this article we will explore technologies that can turn your home into a smart home.


The Kitchen is the central hub of the modern home. This is no different in smart homes, only better. From wireless phone chargers installed in benchtops to moving cabinets, the possibilities are endless. Electronic touch-to-open systems make handles a thing of the past. Concealed wireless chargers allow you to charge your device whilst you cook, clean or eat. Furthermore, moving cabinets can lower into positions accessible to those confined to wheelchairs.


Another room frequented in any home is the bathroom. For some the bathroom is simple, you wash there and leave. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Your bathroom can also be a hub for innovative technology in your home. .

Ambient lighting with motion sensors can light the floor during the night. This allows you to navigate through the bathroom without turning on the ceiling light. Blue Tooth sound systems in showers are another rising trend. And even more exciting is the emergence of smart mirrors such as the Savvy Smart Mirror. Basically a vanity mirror and wall-mounted tablet, in one! .


Perhaps some of us spend too much time in the bedroom as it is. However, if you want to spend even more time in your bedroom, why not incorporate some smart technology! Like waking up to the gradual emergence of sunlight? Then smart blinds may be just what you need. Alarm clock need updating? With a smart alarm clock you can listen to music on the internet, make calls and even control your TV. .


The laundry is not to be neglected. With electric ironing boards, Smart Irons & heating drying cabinets, You can transform your laundry to work for you. .

Living Room

Living rooms are another social hub of the home. Here we can find Smart TVs, Personal Assistants & Smart power sockets. With voice control, you can control the whole entertainment system, heating & cooling and lighting in your living room! .


Conclusion & Honourable mentions


We’ve only touched on the possibilities available with smart technology. As you can see future of Australian homes is Smart Homes. Contact Us for assistance with incorporating smart technology into your interior spaces. .

Some honourable mentions for smart technology are:

Samsung Smart Fridge

Google Voice Assistant

Philips Hue Smart Lightbulb

August Smart Lock Pro