What is SPAX?

Spax is a high performance, German-engineered screw available in various types and sizes. Each screw is formed from a single steel rod. These should not be compared with cheaper screws on the market as they are simply not in the same realm of performance. These screws are suitable as an alternative for various fasteners.

SPAX T-Star Plus

SPAX screws are driven using a T-Star Plus driver bit. This is a bit unique to SPAX. The T-Star plus utilizes the concept of a star driver with the addition of a locater pin. The locater pin ensures that the bit fits to the screw head correctly so that the star design can function as intended. This in turn improves the driving accuracy of the bit and prevents stripping the head of the screw.

Stainless Steel

Many SPAX screws are available in Stainless Steel. This makes them very suitable for use in corrosive timbers and coastal regions. We utilize these screws when working with Accoya wood for this very reason.


Delta Seal

Another finish available is Delta Seal. This is an epoxy coating which is two times more corrosion resistant than galvanized steel.



The last coating system available is Wirox. This is a coating which is harder and more corrosion resistant than zinc plating.


Types of screws

These screws come in different types each with their own advantages for different applications. For example; the cylindrical head decking screws fix timber decking to timber or steel joists whilst the head sits flush with the decking surface.


Where to buy SPAX Screws

At The Joinery Store, we now stock a range of SPAX Screws. You can view our display at 318 Boorowa St, Young or contact us for more information.