We often get asked what sizes are standard for a variety of elements in the kitchen. Things like bench top depth and height are regularly questioned. In this article we will discuss these measurements and more

What is the standard height of a kitchen benchtop?

Well in Australia it’s 900mm. This height tends to be practical for most average height adults. However, for some people, especially those who are particularly tall or short, it may not be ideal. For this reason, businesses like ours are able to custom manufacture your kitchen to suit a non-standard bench height.

What is the standard depth of a kitchen benchtop?

A benchtop against a wall is typically 600mm deep, front-to-back. An island bench with cupboards on one side and a breakfast bar will often be 900mm deep of 1200mm if there are cupboards on both sides.

Again, these measurements are what is typical but may not suit everyone so just treat them as guidelines.

What is the Height for a Microwave?

The working height of a microwave from the floor is generally somewhere from 1200mm to 1300mm. This is so that you do not need to reach high or bend low to access the microwave. Reaching above your shoulders to access the microwave presents a burn hazard should you accidentally spill hot liquids. Similarly, bending low to access the microwave may be hazardous to those with poor backs.<p?< p=””> </p?<>

How High should a Splashback be?

Kitchen splashbacks typically run at around 600mm high. This will depend on the height of any overhead cabinets or rangehoods. A splashback behind a cooktop or sink should be a minimum of 150mm high.

How High Are Cabinet Kicks?

We build our kicks at 140mm. This is a pretty typical height. Most kitchens in Australia will be on kicks or legs ranging from 100 to 150mm high.

How Wide is a Cutlery Drawer?

We like to work with a minimum cutlery drawer width of 500mm with 600mm being preferred. Older kitchens will often have cutlery drawers 400-450mm wide. We have also installed cutlery drawers up to 1200mm wide.


These are just a few measurements we get asked about. Below I’ve listed some links which may assist you with further typical kitchen and cabinetry measurements.