Stone benchtop Care Tips

Stone is a popular choice for kitchen benchtops. However, stone benchtop care is something a lot of people neglect. Many assume it is indestructable. Let’s take a look at how to properley care for your stone benchtop.


Scratches and Chipping

Despite common belief, stone benchtops can and do scratch and chip. The best way to avoid this is to use surface protectors. Things such as chopping boards and coasters will help to preserve your stone benchtop.

Some damages can be repaired. For instance, a stone mason can often fill a chip in a similar colour. However, prevention will always been the best option.



Stains are another thing that can be often overlooked. Whilst some stones are quite resilient to staining, others can be very porous. For example, many man-made stones are notable stain resistant. Many natural stones however, may stain very easily. Regardless of the type of stone you have, be sure to wipe up any spills immediately to prevent staining.


Heat and Temperature

Another misconception is that you can place hot pans onto stone benchtops. This is a big no-no in many cases for stone benchtop care. You see, many man-made stones can discolour or crack when extreme heat is suddenly applied. Natural stones are similar and stones such as granite are quite prone to cracking.



Stone benchtop care is generally simple. Cleaning a stone surface normally requires only a mild detergent or simply a damp cloth. You certainly should not use any harsh chemicals. Things like hydrofluoric acid, bleach or thinners can damage a stone benchtop. This damage may be non-reversible.

For an even better clean, you can purchase special cleaning products such as ‘Q Action’ from Cosentino.



So these are just a few things to consider when caring for stone benchtops. Stone benchtop care isn’t difficult but you should be sure to follow manufacturer’s instructions. For Silestone you can check out the care and maintenance page here. Or For Caesarstone, click here.

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