What is Sustainability?

This is the concept of how a system functions and sustains itself. It applies to society, the economy and the environment. In this article we are focusing on the sustainability of our planet and the environment.

Is our planet sustainable?

Is Earth, in it’s current state, sustainable? That’s debatable. We are not to say that it isn’t, but we should be cautious of the strain we put on our planet. There are limited resources and there is a growing population. It is up to us at present to ensure a bright future for our children so we should be mindful of what we take from our planet.

What does Sustainability mean for Joinery?

When choosing materials for producing our joinery, we need to be mindful of how it is sourced. For example, when sourcing timbers we should aim to utilize those from renewable plantations. These timbers are from trees grown for the purpose of harvesting timber. They are then replanted. Thus we do not reduce the planets natural flora. We in fact contribute more flora to the environment which improves air quality.

What does Sustainability mean for Australian Homes?

We can play our part by ensuring our homes are energy efficient. Highly insulative products such as accoya wood and double glazing can help to reduce energy consumption by reducing heating and cooling demands. You can further improve how sustainable your home is by recycling grey water, collecting rain water and planting more plants around your house. Alternative energy sources such as solar panels can also help. Using reusable drink bottles, food containers etc will also reduce your carbon footprint.


So there you have it. Sustainability in a nutshell and some simple considerations for you to contribute to our planet’s sustainability. If you would like more info or to suggest an edit, contact us.