About Tradco

Tradco produce a comprehensive range of hardware combining traditional and contemporary styles. Their products also come in multiple finish options to complement your home. Founded in 1982 as a backyard project, Tradco are now a reputable name in the Australian market. We frequently fit our joinery with their hardware. So let’s take a look at some of the products they have to offer.

parliament hinge by Tradco


From low-profile stainless-steel hinges to antique brass parliament hinges. They offer multiple hinge styles in a range of finishes. Their hinges are strong, sturdy and backed by a 10-year warranty. The perfect hardware to hang a custom-made door.

Door knob handle by Tradco


Entry door handles, cabinet handles, Tradco stock the lot. They offer knobs, levers, pulls and more, in a range of finishes and styles. These handles boast style, quality and charm. Customers frequently comment great things about the range of handles on our Tradco display boards. We highly suggest you come in and see for yourself.

French Door latch by Tradco

Locks and Latches

Tradco offer a range of locks, latches and escutcheons in various styles and finishes. These ranges include euro cylinders, rim locks, French door latches, bolt locks and more. Again, these fittings are available in a range of styles and finishes.

Bolt Lock by Tradco

Home Fittings

Tradco’s hardware range isn’t just for doors. They also supply fittings for around the home such as; light switches, coat hooks, shelf brackets and corbels. You can even find letter box plates and numerals in their product range.



If you’re looking for quality hardware with style and charm to complement your home, come see us at The Joinery Store. We can show you the range of Tradco hardware available and give you a quote on any hardware you are interested in.