Traditional Design Re-imagined

First off in our trend predictions for 2020 is traditional design reimagined. Demand for joinery and cabinetry imitating traditional furnishings has been steadily growing for some time now. We expect this to continue through 2020. Things like decorative panels and timber mouldings will continue to enhance interior spaces. Solid hand-crafted cabinetry and furnishing will continue to rise compared to standard modular systems.

Reclaimed Materials

Another growing trend has been the use of reclaimed materials. Flooring made from reclaimed timber sourced from barns and wine barrels. Benchtops made from flooring sourced from old homes. The charm of reclaimed materials is far reaching and so we expect to see a continual call for these materials in 2020.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is something we regard highly. It is also something that as been a growing concern among consumers. In 2020 we expect this trend to continue as people look to reduce heating and cooling costs.


Sustainability is another concept which has been gaining traction. The idea of using renewable materials where possible. This is a very considerate and important action for the sake of the earth. As so, we expect to see this booming in 2020.

Smart Technology Trends

Just because there is a call for traditional stylings and environmentally friendly materials options, doesn’t mean we won’t continue to see new technology.
Smart fridges, ovens and voice assistants are all things we expect to see growing in popularity in 2020. Along with advances in material technologies such as finger proof surfaces.

Harmonious living

Bring the outside, inside! In 2020 we predict an increase in indoor-outdoor-harmony. This will include the presence of more plants inside. Similarly, alfresco dining will increase in popularity as people seek to enjoy natures elements.


These were just a few concepts we expect will flourish in 2020. If you’d like assistance with your project or to suggest an edit, contact us.