Timber Windows

We manufacture a range of high performance windows including casements, awnings, fixed lite, sliding and double hungs, in both single and double glazing with glass from Viridian.

Our timber of choice is Accoya, but other timbers may be available on request when required for BAL compliance. We also offer pre-finishing of our Accoya in a range of paints and stains ensuring a high quality finish and reducing onsite labour.

We utilize European technologies to bring the best product we can to the Australian market.

Timber windows are a popular choice among homeowners and builders for various reasons. While aluminum and UPVC windows have been gaining popularity in recent years, there are still several reasons why timber windows remain superior.

Firstly, timber windows offer superior thermal insulation. Timber is a natural insulator, which means it is better at retaining heat than aluminum and UPVC. This allows timber windows to keep the interior of a home warmer during the winter months and cooler during the summer months.

Secondly, timber windows offer better acoustic insulation. The density of wood makes it a better barrier against external noise compared to aluminum and UPVC windows. This ensures a more peaceful and comfortable home environment.

Thirdly, timber windows have a significantly longer lifespan compared to aluminum and UPVC windows. With proper maintenance and care, timber windows can last for over 60 years, while aluminum and UPVC windows typically have a significantly shorter lifespan.

Lastly, timber windows offer superior aesthetics. Timber is a natural and beautiful material that adds a touch of elegance and warmth to any home. Unlike aluminum and UPVC, timber windows can be customized with different finishes and stains that enhance the natural beauty of the wood.

In conclusion, while aluminum and UPVC windows may offer some benefits, timber windows are superior in terms of thermal and acoustic insulation, lifespan, and aesthetics. Choosing timber windows over aluminum and UPVC windows ensures a more comfortable and beautiful home for many years to come.

Stormsafe Casements and Awnings

Our pride and joy, Stormsafe Windows are available in casement and awning configurations. These are the product of careful design bringing together European systems for the Australian climate and can be found all around NSW.

Stormsafe casements and awnings are sealed air and water-tight, with a neoprene seal. Multipoint locking ensures a tight and secure seal improving performance and security and Schlegel friction stays allow for reliable and smooth opening and closing. These are pinnacle of high performance energy efficient timber windows.

Please view the below gallery for examples.

Double Hung

Double Hung Windows are a customer favourite. These are a traditional style with two operable sashes which open vertically. We utilize neoprene seals with our unique design to ensure a true weathertight seal for high performance and energy efficiency.

Our sashes are fitted with Schlegel tensioned spring balancers which allow for smooth operation and improved longevity.

View the gallery below for examples.

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